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News: Real-time Pattern Recognit
File: DM-[Push]2-dimensional_be
Artikel: Weshalb unsere Computer d
Gast: Nikita Landau
Page of the Moment Picture of the Moment
File: AdrenalineMania_v02
Beschreibung: After respawning, you can choose an Adrenaline Combo, which stays active until you die. Afterwards, you could choose another. Includes the Pint-sized Combo (LLLL) and the Camouflage Combo (RRRR). New Combos: Jump (URDL), All Weapons (UDUD), InstaGIB (LRLR).
Instead of a Grenade, the Assault Rifle fires a SuperShockBeam (Ammo: 2). The InstaGIB Combo adds more Ammo (16).

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